Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can Spurs win the Champions League?

Now before you quickly shoot me down here..... I'm not for one second suggesting that Spurs are the best team in Europe. What I am intimating however, is that the style that they are playing in the Champions League this season is refreshingly positive and confronts all sides, no matter the reputation or pedigree in Europe's premier competition, head on.

Both Milan clubs have now been defeated dare I say, with relative comfort. And whilst I'm fully aware of the impending second leg at White Hart Lane that is yet to be played, you would have to fancy Harry Redknapp's team to once again take the game to their more illustrius opponents.

Bare in mind that Tottenham's win in the San Siro was without Gareth Bale, who has been hailed as the great dangerman in this flamboyant but energetic line up. Jermaine Defoe, Tom Huddlestone and Luca Modric were also missing from the starting line up for one reason or another. This is a squad full of confidence and capable on 'any given day' of slicing any team in Europe apart.

Also consider, if you will, their record this season where they have conceded the first goal of the game. It is superb. No other team in England can boast a better percentage of points from a goal deficit head start. This shows they are not affected by a set-back and will continue to play their swashbuckling and flamboyant way until they reap the rewards.

The likes of Barcelona, Madrid, Bayern Munich etc will no doubt prove a different proposition to the ageing and quite frankly, disappointing Milan side of today.... But Redknapp's boys are looking as good a bet for further progress that a certain Jose Mourinho's Porto did a few years back. And we all know how that story goes...

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